Alfredo Belcanto / 2006


1. Rapport sans feuille( Auteur/compositeur: Alfredo Bel'homme)
2. Au dela de l'horreur "La paix" ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto. Arrangements Jean Michel au studio West ham/London)
3. Lilitha ya mobola ( auteur/compositeur: Alfredo et Pablo Kas.)
4.Let's the people go ( Written by Alfredo Belcanto )
5. Looking for somebody Featuring The C.O.D.E ( Written by Alfredo Belcanto, Rap by N.GEE and additional lyrics by Dreed Man )
6. Ndoyi ya maman ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto )
7. Gigi ginuna,Gigi gaga gigi kinuna ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto and Vicky Besange )
8. Sucette ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto; Arranger et prise de son par Merlin Kavena "Die besten" au studio MK. Monchengladbach)
9. Innovation ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto )
10. Asma gisa de (en Arabe ) signifie: Ecoute cette histoire!!!
11. Te nem vagy egyedul( en Hongrois ) it mean : You're not alone!!
12. Bambeni ( Auteur/Compositeur: Alfredo Belcanto )

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Meilleure voix masculine!!!! - MARYLIN

Is the only one number one for the fifth african generation music.Good luck and succes - Pablo Ngimbi

The music of our time...Melodic,sexy and educative. AWESOME can do it,YES you can be a super star...hmmm yes you can!!!! - Lalon Agnes

AWESOME the album !!!! - Frundi fido

Where can i buy this CD/DVD of MULTIFORMES,i just saw a picture and heard some music i really like it but i couldn't find it please put any info where we can get it,i just tried but isn't there...please let us know where can we get it. thanks. Serge/Newcastle - Serge Cristal