Jules Arlanda et ses interprètes

Jules Arlanda / Takamba / 2003

To have to choose a mere twenty-seven titles for this album from the very large repertoire of Jules Arlanda (b.1923) was no easy task. This is especially so if one considers that we wanted to select those titles most representative of each of his stylistic periods in Réunion during the fourty years that spanned the fruitful career of "Julot" (nickname owing to one of his ségas). The career of this author, composer, accordionist and bassist was indeed full of rich experiences, but most notably, he was one of a few Réunionese musicians who were literate. This explains why he humbly preferred to devote much of his efforts to writing Creole texts and setting them to music than to perform his popular songs or ségas. This album also sets out to pay homage to the many performers (H-C. et M-A. Moutou, P. Payet, M. Laope…) who, thanks to their talent, gave life to these songs in various orchestras created and/or conducted by Jules Arlanda (Orchestre de l'Hôtel d'Europe, Les Play-Boys, Le Club Rythmique…). Now more than eighty years old, this major artist of the Réunionese soundscape can look back upon his musical life with pride which earned him, other than public recognition, the status of Officier des Arts et des Lettres in 2006.

Considering that very few locally-written musical scores are available to the public, the PRMA has begun, under the Takamba label, a collection of sheet music booklets. "Jules Arlanda, Mon île y chante" represents the first release in this series. It includes fifty-five compositions, of which most of to the titles included on the above album.


01 - Julot
02 - La rosée tombée
03 - Bande les quartiers
04 - Séga calou
05 - Ca l'orchestre
06 - Mon malbaraise
07 - J'aurais pu t'aimer
08 - Sous les grands bois
09 - Bichiques la montés
10 - Tonton la radio
11 - Bonbon coco
12 - Quand li mett' son moulhur
13 - Grillés, grillés pisaches
14 - Eh bien là coué là
15 - Noël su not' îl
16 - P'tit créole les hauts
17 - Ca mon pays même
18 - L'amante de Paris
19 - Séga planteur
20 - La coupe canne
21 - Grand Joseph
22 - Bouillon brèdes
23 - Verger Saint-André
24 - Laisse pas li Tomber
25 - Souv'nir ti-train
26 - Julot
27 - Bande les quartiers

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